Bridget Lamont

Bridget Lamont

Bridget Lamont
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8 Federico Uribe

In his series “Pencilism”, Miami-based artist Federico Uribe does amazing sculptures of pencils with different colors. The sculptures are so detailed that they look sometimes like classical paintings and landscapes, animals and humans’ sculptures in

Tears of ending and beginning 1

The Microscopic Structures of Dried Human Tears: Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher captures tears of grief, joy, laughter and irritation in extreme detail. (Image: Tears of Ending and Beginning)

92 Year Old Grandma Creates Simply Stunning Embroidered Temari Balls

gazophylacium: “ This collection of temari balls was made by an Japanese grandmother who started crafting these in her sixties. The carefully hand-embroidered balls often made from the.

Convincing Animal Sculptures Made from Old Junk

Wasp, by Edouard Martinet Abdomen : steel tips for boots, bike headlights Thorax and head : steel tips and bells from bikes and typewriters Eyes : vintage watch case Antennae : spectacles arms Legs : bike brakes , bike chain , spoon handles Wings : glass