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I actually can’t believe why I don’t bake cookies more often. I mean, if you basically only need butter, flour and sugar – a cookie is a treat that is cheap and ridiculously versatile.This recipe of Coffee Cookies was bound to hit the blog sooner or later, and it couldn’t have come at a perfect time. Today is International Coffee day, apparently. So celebrate this rather mundane day, it is a Monday after all, with this proudly South African Coffee Cookie recipe.So this here is another one of…

Coffee Cookies - super easy, mouthwatering recipe AND special since it has been passed down from my great gran.

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35 bible verses thanksgiving

Looking for Thanksgiving Bible verses to share with your kids or for your Thanksgiving dinner celebration? This list of 30 Thanksgiving scriptures are just a few of the many Bible verses about thanksgiving! Discover what it truly means to give thanks on T

Roosterkoek, that old South African favourite that's essential to any braai.

Roosterkoek - a South African braai essential - Cooksister