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Planting Tips for Chinese Roses | Flower Planting Guide for Beginners | Regrowing Flowers
red and green leaves on a bush in the garden
Obsession™ Nandina Shrub - 1 Gallon
Rich Color + Classic Nandina Growth Why Obsession™ Nandina Shrubs? Color that's better, brighter and more long-lasting than ever before define the Obsession™ Nandina. A new, distinctive variety, it delivers a compact, dense growth habit and brilliant hues that last for months at a time. Plus, because it's an evergreen, you get year-round visual interest. Even better is the fact that it's drought-tolerant and adaptable to a wide variety of tough conditions. From borders along your fence to plant
a white gazebo sitting in the middle of a lush green field next to flowers
Pin by SouthernCharmStamping on Outdoor Ideas | Backyard landscaping designs, Country garden decor, Backyard landscaping
a large green leaf with a white flower in it's center surrounded by other plants
Crafting Stunning DIY Concrete Leaves for Your Garden in 8 Simple Steps! - Your Projects@OBN
there are many different types of plants in the garden and one is on a wheelbarrow
Creative Container Gardening - Sand and Sisal