DIY Mold Remover

*Mold Remover: cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup water or 1 tsp tea tree oil and 1 cup water Mix the two ingredients chosen in a spray bottle. Spray the mold/mildew and allow to sit for an hour. Rinse and wipe clean (you may need to scrub tougher mold).

DIY- Mold Remover

DIY- Mold Remover : Cup hydrogen peroxide 1 Cup water Few drops of tea tree oil (optional) Mix all your ingredients in spray bottle. Spray a generous amount on moldy area.

How To Treat Household Mold and Mildew Naturally

Natural Recipes that Kill Household Mold 4 tried and true recipes at site: Tea Tree spray *Tea tree oil is one of the best ways to kill mold naturally. After cleaning with castille soap mixture spray with white vinegar

Pierneef South African Painter

Artist: Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (South African, Title: An extensive view of farmlands, c Medium: Oil on Canvas

Part of the Johannesburg Railway Station panels by Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef

Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef - painted landscape to the virtual exclusion of everything else. He developed a very distinctive style: Title: may be called Okahandja (this is so similar to linocut with that name).

South Africa Arts : Jacob Hendrick PIERNEEF

Pierneef 1928 A Summer Afternoon, Bushveld - Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pierneef @ La Motte, Franschoek, South Africa

Happy birthday, Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef Aug 1886 – 14 Nov JH Pierneef was born in Pretoria in the year that Johannesburg was founded.

JH Pierneef - Chuliesberg

A series of stunning landscapes by J. Pierneef, one of South Africa’s leading century artists, whose work adorns South Africa House in Trafalgar Square, is for sale at Bonhams South African Art Sale on March 21 in London.