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Few days to the debut of Netflix’s African Original Young Adult Drama series, “Blood & Water“. The upcoming series will … Netflix Original Series, Netflix Series, Black Mirror, Breaking Bad, Netflix Originals, The Originals, Blood In Water, Trailers, Upcoming Series

Netflix’s Blood and Water Review: It Was Underwhelming

It had such a nice production, too bad the storytelling was abysmal.

On SGIT Season 6 episode Aunty Dupe tries to get AY released from police custody, and Shalewa and Kwame cross paths in the most unusual way. Seasons Lessons, Nigerian Newspapers, Music Download, Download Video, Watch Episodes, Top Celebrities, Recent News, Skinny Girls, World Music

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 7: Women Can Not Post Bail

Yep! Based on the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Episode 7 of SGIT was titled, "Lessons" and I sure did learn something. So, without further ado, let's do a quick recap. PS: This is wrong information and this show should have at least had a voice of reason to counter such information. Contents…

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season Episode Surprise! This Show Has Left Funny Town Octavia Spencer, Be With You Movie, Fall From Grace, New Employee, Academy Award Winners, Rude Boy, Skinny Girls, World Music, Music Lovers

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 1: Surprise! This Show Has Left Funny Town

Hey there, welcome to Myopic Concaves, the only place truth is served red hot! And yes, Skinny Girl In Transit is no longer a comedy and trust me it is not because they stopped trying, it is just that the funny part of the material is not funny. I think that they are now more…

Amanda My Village Wife Watch V, Amanda, My Love, Youtube, Youtubers

Amanda My Village Wife

Kenneth Okonkwo has surely shed the 'Andy' moniker he was known for a long time due to his role in the 1992 classic Living In Bondage as well as his subsequent roles in movies that towed the same lane Living in Bondage's plot did. Now, Kenneth is just known in movies as the oga that…

Kwame shows up at the Awosika's home in search of Shalewa, and the police inspector assures Mama Tiwa that her swindler would be caught. Mide seems to be und. All We Know, Told You So, Flip Out, Muslim Girls, Skinny Girls, Why People, Single Parenting, Dance Moves, World Music

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 10 [Recap and Review]: Y’all Need To Pay Me

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 10 is gearing up to a very powerful episode that would knock us all out.

Skinny Girl In Transit is out with another exciting episode and we can’t keep calm. On SGIT Season 6 Episode Shalewa is stunned by Kwame’s violent Greater Good, Tv Series Online, Skinny Girls, World Music, Reggae, Take That, Seasons, Behavior, Entertainment

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 11 [Recap and Review]: She Asked Him If It Was BDSM This Shalewa's denial is top shelf. How can someone slap you over a small mistake and you are asking if it is BDSM? Abeg, let's get on with the recap The Recap Shalewa rushes out of Kwame's apartment distraught while making a call for a cab. Kwame runs after her, begging and telling her…

Didi shares her concerns about Editi with Tiwa, as trouble seems to be brewing at the radio station for Mide and Mo. Shalewa pledges to support Kwame at his . Morning Devotion, Need To Meet, Skinny Girls, Dance Hall, World Music, Call Her, Music Lovers, Girly, Victoria

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 9 [Recap and Review]: Kwame, Ain’t Shit See ehn, I'm on a high, right now. I said Kwame was a phoney and that whatever he has with Shalewa won't last and I was right. But that isn't even the good part. Let's first do a quick recap. Contents 1 The Recap 2 My Thoughts 3 My verdict The Recap Tiwa and…

SGIT Season 6 Episode 5 'Start Again' - Mide is confused as Tiwa keeps pushing him away after the loss of their baby. Wosilat makes plans American Video, Start Again, Last Episode, Skinny Girls, Ex Boyfriend, World Music, Music Lovers, How To Find Out, Singer

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 5: The End Was The Only Good Part

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 5: The acting in this episode was bad.

The episode finale of “Skinny Girl in Transit” is finally here. On SGIT Season 6 Episode 12 which is the final episode of the season, Tiwa decides to quit Finding A New Hobby, First Daughter, Skinny Girls, World Music, New Hobbies, School Fashion, Music Lovers, Birthday Wishes, Let It Be

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 12 [Recap and Review]: A Fantastical End To It All

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 12: It was a sappy end to a lukewarm season.

MTV Shuga Naija S04E05: Tobi Don Carry – Myopic Concaves Stupid Girl, I Said, God Is Good, Mtv, Carry On, How To Remove, Sayings, Hand Luggage, Quote

MTV Shuga Naija S04E05 [Recap and Review]: Tobi Don Carry

This episode was interesting. Matter of fact, it was epic. Ha! So Diane is now a pregnant woman? God is good. After all the "I know I all need to know" and "jump to remove the sperm from your body", she has finally carried a baby? I will keep laughing oh. Stupid girl. Maybe this…

In SGIT Season 6 Episode Tiwa struggles to come to terms with losing her first pregnancy, and Shalewa looks to Mohammed to clarify Nigerian Newspapers, Watch Episodes, First Pregnancy, Top Celebrities, Skinny Girls, Your Girlfriends, World Music, Losing Her, Music Lovers

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 4: Mohammed Didn’t Get Married In Kano

Skinny Girl In Transit: Season 6, Episode 4: They tried to be very emotional but missed the mark for me. It didn't make me sad like I thought it would plus that resolution was a tad too quick.

MTV Shuga Naija S04E06: Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Angel Storyline Was Poorly Done? Angel Show, Valedictorian, Middle Aged Man, All We Know, What Is Coming, Thank God, S Girls, Naive, Mtv

MTV Shuga Naija S04E07: Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Angel Storyline Was Poorly Done?

Hey there, it's another Sunday and another MTV Shuga Naija episode and by the title, you know what we are going to be talking about. Angel showed his face today again at the club after Faa's performance and she threw a fit. Honestly, I think Faa's storyline could have done without this Angel fellow. This…

Assistant Madams Episode 9 (Season Finale): Chioma Issa Scum Part Deux Issa, Things To Come, Seasons, Seasons Of The Year

Assistant Madams Episode 9 (Season Finale): Chioma Issa Scum Part Deux

So Chioma was the kingpin all along? I honestly did not see it coming. I thought that their kidnap was orchestrated by John and Ngozi. The Recap This episode picks up from where it left off from the last where the kidnapper informs them that it is time to negotiate the terms of their captivity.…

REDTV is a fast paced lifestyle channel that puts Africa on the global stage. Proudly associated with the United Bankfor Africa, REDTV is here to entertain a. Take Money, How To Make Money, Face Change, I Was Wrong, New Africa, I Cannot Wait, How To Speak French, A Guy Who, How To Make Light

Assistant Madams Episode 1: Chioma Issa Scum

Yes! You can go ahead and call me names but that won't change the fact that Chioma issa scum, scam and 419. And no, I am not supporting John because that one is filth. However, just because he is filth, does not in any way exonerate Chioma or her actions. This episode of Assistant…

Assistant Madams Episode The Catasphrophe Continues Need To Meet, Monologues, Why People, His Hands, My Father, Revenge, Things To Think About, Guys, Boys

Assistant Madams Episode 6: The Catasphrophe Continues

Although this episode of Assistant Madams was trying to raise the previous ones from the ashes, it still ended up in the dumpster like its predecessors. This episode focused on Ngozi Uchendu’s revenge mission on the Assistant Madams – Tamara, Lara and Chioma a.k.a TLC. The episode opens after Chief Uchendu’s death where his lawyer…