Protea - The genus Protea was named in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will, because they have such a wide variety of forms.

beautiful Australian native flower bouquet

Australian Native Bouquets by Blooming Brides

Australian Native Bouquets by Blooming Brides - I wonder if we could get native AUS flowers in Hawaii?


Most of the wedding colours are the pale pink seen here, but I'd love some of the other flowers to be brighter.


Oh, to have an overcast sky every day, just before sunset! It's the perfect light for photos! I printed the protea lino after all, but I.


SALE - Protea screen-printed fabric panel (aqua on birch) - Batch 2


The wavy pixie cut is very cute and nice. The wavy curls rapidly advance the style of this pixie cut. Cool and attractive, this awesome short hairstyle is.