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Industrial Biltong Drying Cabinets

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Industrial equipment for the manufacture of biltong and droëwors (Dried sauasage)

The IDC-120 Biltong Drying Cabinet full of product - 100kg wet meat will be ready in 3 days.

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SI-30 Industrial Biltong Drying Cabinet with a full load of 25kg wet meat.

SI-30 Industrial Biltong Drying Cabinet. Full stainless steel construction Preset temperature control to avoid tampering. A powerful extraction fan. Internal volume of 245 litres and a capacity for 25 kg of wet meat . Normal drying time for a full load is around 2-4 days depending on the degree of dryness you want to achieve. Smaller loads dry quicker and turn around is sometimes faster.

The IDC-120 Industrial Biltong Drying Cabinet takes 100 kg of wet meat which dries in 3-4 days.