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baby stations for the first 3 months with instructions on how to set up and play
Baby Stations: Part 1 - Get More Done While Baby Plays | CanDo Kiddo
Keep baby busy and happy while you get more done AND give baby the developmental benefits of a variety of body positions. Tips from a pediatric Occupational Therapist and mommy: CanDo Kiddo.
a baby sitting in a box playing with some paper
The Ultimate List of Baby Play Ideas
The Ultimate List of Baby Play Ideas from Fun at Home with Kids
a bunch of black and white paper with different designs on it's sides, including the words high contrast books for students
Baby Books Archives - CJMeyer Designs
a baby laying on the floor next to some cut outs
Contrast Cards Board For Baby
Baby play made simple with a contrast cards board. Make it in a matter of minutes. Perfect for tummy time or side lying play!
some black and white cards are on the floor with text that reads diy contrast cards perfect for tummy time
Contrast Cards For Tummy Time
DIY contrast cards that can be made in minutes. Perfect for tummy time!
a baby laying on top of a white blanket
Sansering til lille Vigga...
Sensory hula hoop! Such a great idea for babies and kids with visual impairments. You could customize it any way you wanted to introduce new textures and more!
an assortment of black and white geometric design elements, including stars, circles, shapes, and cats
16 DIY Infant Activities (Ages 3 - 16 months)
FREEBIE! 5 pages of black & white vision development images for your infant! PLUS 15 other DIY Infant Activities...
a baby laying on top of a wooden floor next to some black and white stickers
High Contrast Visual Stimulation for Newborns and Babies - Little Lifelong Learners
High contrast visual stimulation for newborns and babies with free printables
the instructions for how to sew and sew baby rattles are shown in black and white
Lis Gillet
cute little baby rattle. free pattern and you use jingle bells for the rattle part. cuteness!
an abstract painting with multicolored lines on it
Colorful Baby Crib Side Decorations
Colorful Baby Crib Side Decorations | iCreativeIdeas.com Like Us on Facebook ==> https://www.facebook.com/icreativeideas
a brown bag with scissors and other items hanging from it
Monogram Taggie
Use this free sewing pattern for babies to make a monogram taggie. Give it to your baby or as a gift for a friend's newborn. You can't go wrong with this easy, personalized gift.
black and white mobile for infants hanging from the ceiling
NameBright - Coming Soon
High contrast black white baby mobile
several pieces of art are laid out on the floor with different shapes and sizes to make it look like they have been made from fabric
Playtime Felt Squares for Baby
Baby Felt Squares for looking at in Tummy Time