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Just do you✌️✌️

Just do you✌️✌️

Those eyes❤️

Those eyes❤️

ok this is pretty neat. enter your current weight, goal weight, and other physical features and it creates a model of what you could look like at your goal weight. Very cool!

My Model - Weight Loss Simulator - Type in current weight & goal weight & see the difference on the virtual model. A few personalization options are available for the model, too. This example is a pear-shaped model weighing


Looking for a quick weight loss program, how to lose baby fat, or how to lose abdominal fat? Learn how to flatten your stomach with the best stomach exercises. Get ripped with transverse ab workouts.

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Need a fun, challenging workout to try? Try this fast and easy flat stomach workout. Duane Reade has everything you need to get fit this summer.

How to make homemade silly putty. You and the kids will have loads of fun with this quick and easy craft project!

How to Make Homemade Silly Putty Are you looking for a fun arts and craft idea to do with your kids? You will love this easy recipe on how to make your own homemade silly putty!

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