Venison Roast with Sweet Potato Purses & Berry Sauce

Venison Roast with Sweet Potato Purses & Berry Sauce

Ostrich Hamburger with Nut-Filled Mushrooms & Parmesan Wafers

wide variety of game for healthier food options

New York Strip Steak with Coleslaw & Corn on the Cob

A South African favorite and always a winner, checkers speciality for your picnic Nice and juicy steak :)

Wine and all its varieties

The Checkers wine collection brings you both local and international labels to choose from – spanning only the finest from leading estates worldwide.

Tips & tricks for every wine lover

Europe's Top 5 Wine Destinations A lot of wine lovers are interested in exploring other places where they can taste the best wines available. After all, being a wine aficionado means practicing the skill of identifying different kinds of wines from d

Rum & Raisin Semifreddo

Better and Better

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