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Only 6 months till he's back

I want to feel those luscious soft lips against mine, I want to feel your soft pink tongue touch mine, I want to taste you so much, I want to feel you suck the breath out of my mouth. I LOve you so much.

"Creo en el color rosa. Creo que la risa es la mejor manera de quemar calorías. Creo en la magia de besar mucho. Creo en ser fuerte cuando todo parece ir mal. Creo que las chicas felices son las chicas más bonitas. Creo que mañana es otro día y creo en los milagros".       Audrey Hepburn

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My girl is absolutely her own brand of amazing, she's my happiness

If we end up dating I swear I will spoil her and treat her right. I'll encourage her in all that she does, be there when she's sad, make her laugh, let her think she's stronger than me. I would be the best girlfriend ever because my goal would be marriage

Moments With You                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Moments with you, that's when I wish I could stop time. No, that's when time stops and the problems of the world disappear.

I want to answer my phone and hear this or open my door and have her staring at my lips,  stating this, then deliver. !!!

i Want To Kiss You So Bad Right Now. Yea about 3 hours. God I want you so much. I could make you so happy in so many good ways right now.

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Buenos días! Ya mejor...soñé contigo tanto que hasta celos sentí....un día más pero tú junto a mí y yo contigo acompañándote...un beso dulce y un gran abrazo.

I love you more than you betrayed me. I Love you more than every disagreement we ever had. I Love you more then every name you called me. I Love you more then you let me Love you. I love you more than you'll ever know.