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a bunch of bees that are on a bird feeder
Keeping Bees Out of a Hummingbird Feeder
Keeping Bees Away from a Hummingbird Feeder
a bee is sitting on top of a hummingbird feeder with the words keep bees out of your hummingbird feeder
Keeping Bees Out of a Hummingbird Feeder
Bees and hummingbirds are often found in the same places in your garden. However, if you are putting out food for the hummingbirds it can attract an unwanted amount of bees. This is a guide about keeping bees out of your hummingbird feeder.
a bird is sitting on the edge of a fountain with water coming out of it
Top 5 Hints for Operating a Solar Birdbath Fountain
A solar birdbath fountain has been one of the best additions to my yard's bird habitat, attracting birds of all kinds. They drink and bathe, and watching them in the bath is great fun to watch. Here's some hints on...
many different pictures of flowers and plants in the same photo, with text that reads 20 diy birdbath ideas
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
20 Beautiful and Creative Birdbath Ideas i have came with the house...might as well do something cute with it!