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A man with SWAG!   Johnie Walker - or Black & White...

The Congolese SAPE, or Elegant People of Congo pics)

"Sevace" with a smile - and sound effects! ^_^

For anyone that doesn't know what the heck is going on. Or maybe the mechanic is the confused one.

Jip - Africa - SAFETY of animals ALWAYS first priority!  Yeah right!

“Elliott Erwitt’s Kolor” is a thoughtful exploration of more than forty years of photography.

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Crazy Pictures, Africa

Helmet, Handle, Van, Afrikaans, Africa, Knob, Motorcycle Helmet

Romantic Breakfast Run...

Romantic Breakfast Run.

Africa All-weather bicycle.

Africa All-weather bicycle.

Ghee Koos - check the size of his ...uhm ...belly!

South Africa can be a crazy place, just how crazy you may ask? Oftentimes, when we think of South Africa as our beloved country, there are so many reasons