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an outdoor table with fruit on it next to a hot tub in the middle of nowhere
11 Top Farm Stays in the Western Cape | FlightSite Blog
there are many cows standing in the grass
Plaasverblyf vir die hele gesin | Maroela Media
there is a small pool in the middle of some rocks and bushes next to a mountain
GlenDonald Cottage and Swallow's Croft |
an open field with plants and a windmill in the background
As die stilte roep: Afgeleë Karoo-blyplekke
a wooden cabin sitting on top of a dirt hill with the words sali en sakaas 15 glanskampe
Salig en sakpas: 15 Glanskampe
a person sitting on a wooden bench next to a hot tub
13 houtvuurwarmbaddens vir die winter
an outdoor hot tub surrounded by rocks and gravel in the desert with mountains in the background
Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve | LekkeSlaap
an aerial view of a house in the middle of nowhere
Red Rock Cottage | TravelGround
a wooden walkway leading to a house with the words 5 bekoolike hoerhus
5 Bekoorlike Houerhuise Vir ’n Buite-Die-Boks-Wegbreek | LekkeSlaap
a small house on top of a hill with the words romantice werbreke in
11 romantiese wegbreke in die berge
a house with a swimming pool in the middle of it's patio and covered area
Prince Albert Accommodation, Self Catering, Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa Weltevrede Guest Farm