Oxtail Potjie

Oxtail is without a doubt one of our most well-known South African potjies & this recipe serves 8 guests!

Quick West Coast seafood potjie

Nothing beats a potjie ‐ except when the cooking time outlasts hungry guests. Succulent with a delicious smack of the sea, this one cooks in minutes!

Mint and pink peppercorn rump steak

Picking the perfect steak for the BBQ or cast iron frying pan requires a little more than just a good quality cut.

Elgin roast pork

Elgin roast pork Cooking the apples with the pork relinquishes apple sauce duty to the braai! Everything in one pot makes washing up easy.

Coconut prawns

s a wide variety of prawns available at selected Pick n Pay stores. They are farmed, so they?re a good sustainable option.

Roasted vegetables with Sweet Palermo peppers

Today, opt for an abundance of vegetables that not only provide you with essential vitamins but are also a joy to look at. This mix of flavours and colours livens up any meal.

Beef kofta with chickpea salad

Beef kofta with chickpea salad - Try them cooked over the coals.