Marisa Olivier

Marisa Olivier

I like One Direction the color green books and my friends
Marisa Olivier
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I feel this is happening I'm a fan of both. I will forever love both.<< yeah I'm a 5 seconds of summer fan and a one direction fan and I'll love both for the rest of my life brah>>>same

If you're a DIRECTIONER, Repin this to every 1D board you have.

Day 4 - Favorite X-Factor performance: Their very first song together. "Nothing's fine I'm torn.

Yup it's so true

No but seriously whenever someone says One Direction I immediately start listening and suppress myself from saying anything because I might rudely sass them haha << Tru dat gurllllllll!


It'll be 3 years on June 23 since the band was originally put together at boot camp. Look how far they've come and all of their dreams have come true. WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR BOYS!

#StopTheLarry  It's not like we would hate it if they were, BUT THEYRE NOT. so stop Saying they are. Stop making edits. Harry and Louis can't even be friends anymore

Just sad to think Larry was the reason this happened. Could we all just realize how happy Louis and Eleanor are and move on already? It started off as a bromance and has ruined their friendship.

#letniallsing I feel like crying this to sad niall a voice is AMAZING!!! we love you!!!!!!!!! #letniallsing we need to get this trending!!!!!

I feel like crying this to sad niall a voice is AMAZING!<<<< Awww i'm actually crying this is so sad. poor niall ♥ we love you!