Creamy Custard Slices

Vanilla Slice - like a vanilla custard pie bar, delicious - and so simple! And you can use the Rompope custard instead of the vanilla in this recipe!

Unbaked milk tart (ongebakte melktert) | South African dessert-- sooo delish and EASY!

Unbaked milk tart (ongebakte melktert) My aunt had an au pair that would make this & now my aunt makes it. She serves it in a graham cracker or oreo pie crust.

Tant Helie se melktert

Traditional Milk Tart from Deona Tait of Pretoria, South Africa. This recipe won SARIE’s nationwide milk tart competition. She inherited it from her aunt, Helie Williams

Tuna and cheese go well together, as this tasty pie testifies. For a creamier texture and taste, add chive-flavoured cream cheese to the filling.

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and try some yummy Bobotie!

Bobotie (Traditional South African favourite) Read Recipe by danielluke

Peppermint Tart -

Peppermint desserts will always be a favourite no matter how you do it. Here is another take on pepper mint tart.