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omg yea sean and kyle always blame it on the game! plus when Brandon"s there I blame it on the game too :)

Self explanatory

Funny pictures about Most important gaming rule. Oh, and cool pics about Most important gaming rule. Also, Most important gaming rule.

Spider-Man's true!

what if spiderman's spider-man's superpower was shooting spiders out of his hands, no one would ever commit crimes, oh aaaa help, www fun substance .com

Rex, the robotic exoskeleton, aims to make wheelchairs obsolete

The robotic legs get wheelchair users to walk. It transfers from their chair into the Robotic Exoskeleton (Rex) it strap themselves in and use a had controlled joystick and control pad to maneuver the battery powered mobility assist device.

Scanmarker - Your Handheld Pen Scanner | Scanmarker - note taking made insanely easy

Scanmarker – note taking made insanely easy: simply brush the pen scanner over any printed text, and input into your computer at the speed you scan it.