South Africa

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two people are riding in a cart pulled by donkeys
Accommodation, Camps, Safaris and Car Rental in Namibia.
a horse pulling a wagon with a sign on the side of it's back
Donkey cart, Mokopane, Limpopo Province, South Africa
two men riding on the back of a horse drawn carriage
Só onthou ek Suid-Afrika: Donkiekar tydens sonsondergang in die Karoo
two donkeys pulling a cart with luggage on it down a dirt road in the desert
Donkey cart in the Karoo
an old rusted farm equipment in the middle of nowhere
Karoo farm, South Africa BelAfrique - Your Personal Travel Planner -
a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a herd of sheep
Herding sheep - farm life - Karoo - South Africa
three people riding on the back of an ostrich in front of a cornfield
The Big Picture photography competition: round 154
Go ostrich Racing in Africa. When: Ongoing. Where: The Ostrich farm Highgate in Oudtshoorn. #beforeyoureboring #bucketlist #dieselbucketlist
the road is empty and there are mountains in the background with green grass on both sides
In Pictures: 30 Reasons to Visit South Africa | TravelGround
Into the Mountain, S
a green street sign sitting on the side of a road
myhipsterw0rld:xx (South Africa's Most Fashionable)
three giraffes are standing under a tree at sunset
Adventure Daze - Enjoy a Life of Adventure
the sun is setting over the ocean with a person holding something in their hand
Africa Our Africa! Love the picture