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a fancy living room with chandelier, couches and tables in the center
Declic Revue
Beautiful chandelier with dangling crystals.
a curtain with tassels hanging from it's side in front of a window
Luxury curtains from Antonovich Design
Luxury curtains is the final touch in creating interiors. Luxury Antonovich Design Studio offers best solutions of textile design. We work with the best brands and the excellent quality of the implementation.
the curtains are open and ready to be used in this room with flowers on them
Фото 839411543115 из альбома Гостиные. Разместила Шторы Батайск в ОК
Slide show. Too formal, BUT ~ gorgeous fabrics and the cord/rope designs are fabulous. wi
a chair and table in front of a window with curtains
Татьяна Алешина - квартира в Москве - Дом и Интерьер
Traditional style living room.
a tall white and brown vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a curtain
the curtains are hanging in front of the window
A dramatic pulled back drape contrast lined and complimented with a copper sheer. delightful!
the curtains are open and ready for us to see what's in their place
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