Chisanga Mumba

Chisanga Mumba

My Dad and grand Dad (the Real MUMBAs) are my two greatest heroes. Never been good at spellings or mental arithmetic. I am a Bafoon because I enjoy being naught
Chisanga Mumba
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Senhor das Estrelas o/

Star Lord (Peter Quill) - Guardians of the Galaxy by Hinchel Or The shadow and shading in this is awesome.

Supers héros - Galerie de Luckystar

I'm getting bored with the current Batman Comic book story of Commissioner Gordan replacing Batman. Batman - Galerie de Luckystar - Visit to grab amazing Super Hero Dry-Fit Shirts, now on sale!

pluto was reclassified, not demoted - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Steam locomotive

Pinner says: Picture of details of a vintage steam train driving cabin. I can remember my Uncle Charlie with his oil can going along the train as it waited at the station for departure time.