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Collection of #DigitalHealth related infographics, exploring the technical innovations that will help us live longer and healthier in the future
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Wearable healthcare tech

Wearable Tech: Welcome to the Future of Fashion

The New Wave - Move over, James Bond. From the much-hyped Glasses to the Pebble watch, the new wave of wearable hitting the these days would give Agent 007 a run for his money. Take a look at some of the coolest wearable tech on the market.

The potential for digital health in the UK

The potential for digital health in the UK --- from 'Intellect' the, "go-to organisation for the UK tech industry. It is the trade association for the UK's tech sector, which represents developers and suppliers of digital technology and services"

Get well, stay well with #mhealth #infographic #hcsm #hcsmeu #hcmktg #DigitalHealth

Get Well, Stay Well with M-health about how mobile communications are transforming healthcare.

The rising popularity of #mhealth apps #DigitalHealth #infographic via @GaryMonk @Pharmagaupa

Infographic: Rising Popularity of Mobile Health Apps « Healthcare Intelligence Network

Catalysing the #DigitalHealth revolution #hcsm #hcmktg #infographic

Paul Sonnier: I created this conceptual infographic with the great team at Misfit Wearables. It's based on the work of Dr. Eric Topol, author of "The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care”.

Growth of healthcare spending and telehealth in the US #EMR #DigitalHealth #infographic

Is Huge. CompTIA shows the healthcare sector employes more than 17 million workers. Total healthcare spending in 2011 was trillion dollars - single largest component of US budget. 9 out of 10 doctors see technology as key to practice future

Volume data from Practice Fusion, an #EMR system. Promotional, but good #infographic

sağlık verisi--Volume data from Practice Fusion, an system. Promotional, but good