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Exercises: Bulgarian Split Squats – 12 on each side Donkey Kicks – 40 on each side Single Leg Glute Bridge – 30 on each side Beginner: 2 rounds Intermediate: 3 rounds Advanced: 6 rounds

I can’t believe that I’m saying it, but I think this month means we are officially completely out of the newborn stage with our second baby, Selah. It’s been a crazy ride these past few months, but it’s been the most amazing time our family has ever experienced. We have had so many hard …

As a new mom, it can be scary walking in to life with a newborn! These tips will help you prepare and stay encouraged throughout the newborn stage! Great tips for new moms!

Tummy Time: When to Start and How to do

Tummy Time: When to Start and How to do. Tummy time is important in infancy because it helps to increase physical development. Tummy time helps to strengthen head, neck and shoulder muscles. It also helps to prevent the babys head in becoming flat.

Baby food guideline for your family

Just a quick stop to share with you this wonderful food stages infographic. We love to see how babies begin to sign food items based on their preferences.

What, how and why to play with your newborn. Really interesting psychology behind newborn play and what's important!

The "marked mirroring" is really interesting, as is the potential importance of the dad talking to the belly after 25 weeks

first week baby is home pin

Mom Hack: How to survive the first week home with baby--helpful advice via

31 Incredibly Helpful Tips And Hacks For A New Baby

31 Incredibly Helpful Tips And Hacks For A New Baby When you’re this exhausted every little bit helps.