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HOW TO BUILD A LOG RAFT 1: GATHER 6-8 10-FOOT LOGS at least 2: DRAG THE LOGS into shallow water 10 inches in diameter, and 4 thinner 10- and arrange the thicker ones next to each foot logs at least 6 inches in diameter. _other to make a platform. 4: CONTINUE DOWN THE LINE, 3: SANDWICH the larger logs with 2 securing each larger log in place. As you thin logs and use rope or thick vines to tie _go, the thin logs will pinch the platform, them in place. holding it in place. 5: REPEAT ON THE OTHER SIDE, using 6: USE A LONG BRANCH as an oar to your remaining two thin logs to secure the help push you off the bank and maneuver other side of the raft. in the water. Ted Slampyak Al - iFunny
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Guide to barricading a door
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The Illustrated Art Of Manliness
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What To Do When Your Car Is Stuck In Snow
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How to carry fire
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Fantastic And Fancy Fence Design Ideas - Bored Art
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20 Edible Wild Plants You Can Forage For Survival
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Collecting Bamboo Water | Coletando Água de Bambu
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20 Edible Wild Plants You Can Forage For Survival
20 Edible Wild Plants You Can Forage For Survival
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Tarp Shelter | "Quick Up" Survival Shelters You Can Build | Survival Life
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Stay Itch Free with Cortizone-10 and Make Your Own First Aid Kit - Frosted Fingers
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Some wallpapers I made (1920 x 1080)
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Types Of Wood Carpentry
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Before braving the bee hive for wax, try this.
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Doomsday Prepping
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Top 10 Health Benefits of Kayaking and Canoeing- kayak Base
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How to Get Started Fishing in a Kayak
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