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Because only in the movies would a best friend forgive you for trying to sabotage their wedding.


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"You dream in a language that I can’t understand" 💔 — Past Lives (2023) dir. Celine Song One of the most poignant, beautifully written… | Instagram


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The Holdovers (2023)
The Holdovers (2023)
Past Lives (2023), drama/romance, starring Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaro. Directed by Celine Song. "Nora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, are wrested apart after Nora's family emigrates from South Korea. Twenty years later, they are reunited for one fateful week as they confront notions of love and destiny." - IMDB


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a young man holding a tennis ball in his hand
a person holding a tennis racket with a ball on it
Challangers #joshoconnor #zendaya #mikefaist
a man holding a tennis ball in his right hand
challengers (2024)
two young men are playing tennis on the court
two men standing on a tennis court with rackets in their hands and one is brushing the other's teeth
a man is helping another man put on his red headband while smiling at each other
mike faist as art donaldson in challengers.
a man holding a tennis racquet on top of a tennis court with people watching
josh o’connor, challengers
two men standing next to each other on a tennis court
Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor
#challengers #mikefaist #joshoconnor
Angus Tongs and perfect snogging! :D Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, Benedict Cumberbatch, Aaron Johnson, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Aaron Taylor, Johnson
Angus Tongs and perfect snogging! :D
The Best Films, Movies Showing, Movie Posters Minimalist, Movie Tv
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging
a woman laying on the couch with two stuffed animals over her head and smiling at the camera
Exclusive Images from Gisele Bündchen’s Taschen Book
a man in a suit and tie holding his head while looking at his cell phone