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an orange flower with the words piece no quilt on it
Double Star Flower Machine Quilting Pattern - Digital
Double Star Flower Machine Quilting Pattern - Digital
a close up of a quilted table topper with red and green flowers on it
Inspiration for FMQ: Dresden Lane
an embroidered green cloth with white stitching on it
Pear, Free Motion Quilting
an image of a pattern that looks like a peacock's tail, with the text underneath it
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Free Motion Machine Quilting Designs - and more. A pdf to download.
an image of a flower that looks like it is made out of lines and shapes
FREE Quilting Motifs PG1
Pat has lots of quilting motifs for free on her site. Forest Quilting
a close up of a white quilt with pink thread work on the center and bottom
three different designs in the shape of an ornament, one with swirls and leaves
Nice quilting design
a black and white drawing of leaves with the words,'swirling leaves '
Quilting Sketch Book.....Swirling Leaves
LuAnn Kessi: Quilting Sketch Book.....Swirling Leaves
the diagram shows how to make an intricate flower arrangement with circles and flowers on each side
Quilting Sketch Book.....Background Fillers
LuAnn Kessi: Quilting Sketch Book.....Background Fillers