True Scottish Shortbread.

True Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread. Grade: A-.  I couldn't get my dough to score before baking without crumbling the top, so I just cut it right out of the oven without a problem.  These are a bit crumbly, but very rich and delicious. Also, I used regular salted butter and omitted the 1/2 tsp of salt, and the taste is still great.

Scottish Shortbread « Baking Bites The world's most effective speed-pass to a fat ass is this and chocolate malteds.

Easy Vanilla Biscotti Recipe. With ingredient suggestions to make your own unique biscotti

Easy Vanilla Biscotti

French Toast Bites - fun to make, you kind of "sauté" them! And fun to eat - they taste like cinnamon doughnuts!

Cinnamon French Toast Bites

Makeover classic French toast in bite form! The trick to baking these to perfection? Sautéeing them like a stir-fry. Seriously — it makes browning the cubs on all sides that much easier. Get the recipe at Recipe Tin Eats.

Crunchies!  A South African recipe that I learned how to make from my own sweet mother-in-law.  I didn't realize that it's as common in South Africa as a chocolate chip cookie is in the States!  These are so good!  I promise.  ♥ #SouthAfrican

My grandmother betty’s crunchie recipe: its a legend

my grandmother betty’s crunchie recipe - Sam Linsell ; 'crunchies are a very typical South African baked treat.

Gingerbread Biscotti                                                                                                                                                      More

fat girl trapped in a skinny body - christmas - christmas cookies - low fat gingerbread biscotti (recipe)

Bran Buttermilk rusks - A South African treat

12 MAY 2013 Today was Mother’s Day in South Africa. Some of my happiest moments were the times spent with my mother in the early morning, sitting and talking about the day ahead while sipping strong coffee and nibbling on bran and buttermilk rusks.

South African Rusks (Sliced) Recipe

Not a cake, not a cookie, but my favourite - South African Rusks (Sliced) Recipe. Great recipe, very forgiving. I bake at for 50 min, then at for 5 hours

Cake Rusk Recipe By Shireen Anwar

Looking for home-made Cake Rusk Recipes? Try out this Cake Rusk Recipe by Shireen Anwar in cooking show "Masala Mornings" on masala tv.

Low carb rusks

“LCHF” – Sweet Recipe Archive

Rusks - Low-carb is Lekker, I used a bit more than cup of rice malt syrup in place of xylitol