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a wooden shelf with books on it and a white hat sitting on top of it
Фото 852815823277 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Дизайн интерьера своими руками в ОК
bathroom shelves with towels, soaps and other items on them in front of a mirror
3 Vitally Important Modern Bathroom Design Tips – Bathroom Ideas 101
contemporary bathroom design
the kitchen is very large and has an island with seating for four in front of it
House Plans | Home Plans | Home Designs from Donald Gardner
beautiful kitchen.
children playing in a wooden play set
swingset for the Princess!
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room
spiral wooden stairs
a person pouring batter into a muffin tin with cupcakes in the background
Lemon Mousse Strawberry Trifle
.its like a micro-pipette for CUPCAKE batter!
a vase with flowers on top of a dresser in front of a mirror and door
VT Interiors - Library of Inspirational Images
Very Funky
several different pictures of stone walkways with flowers and plants in the middle one is made out of cobblestones
Swirling sinuous stone garden pathway | Plant & Flower Stock Photography:
Spiral path
there is a loft bed in the corner of this room with stairs to the second floor
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So Awesome... I want one!
there is a tree that has grown out of the floor
so cool
there is a spiral staircase in the house that has been designed to look like it's going up
Crazy wavy stairs!
a bathroom with stone walls and a shower head in the corner, surrounded by greenery
Wonderful outdoor shower with stone privacy walls. Love, love, love.