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an orange and blue embroidered design on a white cloth with small blue dots around it
100 Stitches - open fishbone stitch
big B: 100 Stitches - open fishbone stitch
four rows of hand made cross stitched items
Maya Matthew
Admiring the embroidered fabric book created by Bangalore-based stitcher, Maya Matthew. Her blog, Million Little Stitches, is described as a ‘creative outpourings of the stitch obsessed’. She shows…
a brooch with a bird sitting on top of it's head and surrounded by beads
eternal magpie
motleycraft-o-rama: Dorneuv
an embroidered octopus on a blue and purple background is featured in this embroidery pattern, which appears to be made from fabric
This blue on blue is perfection. Swipe to see @thesmallwoods other octopus in purples. These pieces are made up of straight stitches and…
a brown and white dog sitting on top of a gray surface next to a pillow
Silk Shading
Silk shading | Royal School of Needlework | Embroidery Courses
a green frog sitting on top of a white cloth
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