Painted Protea Pattern Art Print

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"Pink Mink", a Protea flower- looks like feathers. I remember when I was in South Africa, I saw a Protea bush and it took me forever to get one of those beautiful flowers to let loose so I could keep it as a reminder of my special week driving up and down the coast with my daughter Joy.

Pink Mink Protea (Protea neriifolia) The Protea plant loves the more cooler climate. The Protea gardeners do pretty good in sales on the Island of Maui in Hawaii.

Sylvia - Protea - Proteas and Leucadendrons - Sierra Flower Finder

You can now buy and send proteas online in South Africa when you shop online with NetFlorist, they have beautiful protea flowers for sale online!

Pink Protea print A3

Protea print Prints, homewares, children's products and gifts available online in New Zealand from the Perch Home online store

protea flowers as a centre piece

Protea cynaroides King also known as Sugar Bush, is a lovely Pink tropical cut flower native to South Africa - wholesaled in Batches of 10 stems.

society 6 - get pillowsPainted Protea Pattern Throw Pillow

Painted Protea Pattern Throw Pillow - South Africa's national flower in all its glory!

proteaflowers - Five beautiful protea flowers. National flower of South-Africa.

proteaflowers - Five beautiful protea flowers. National flower of South-Africa.