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Math teacher…I will show this to my students someday!! might help them out! I always thought 9's were the hardest to learn

anchor chart with 9 times tables.draw a angry person and write out the 9 times tables to the right of the angy person. On top write "math teacher." then on bottom write "Why you never taught me this?

Rustle up some rocks and you can pull this cute frame together in no time.

This My Dad Rocks frame is the perfect DIY Father’s Day Gift that dad could proudly display on his desk at work. The items required can all be purchased at your local dollar store so it is the perfect budget friendly gift as well.

Try this quick ‪AbBlaster‬. It'll leave you feelin the burn in all the right places! Do each exercise, rest for 2 mins and then complete the circuit 2 more times. How'd you do? The IdealShape Up Challenge offers 12 weeks of free workouts just like this AN