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an iphone screen with the message'new message'on it and another text that appears to be in english
23 Foolproof Ways To Get Someone To Stop Talking To You
I may not have a horse or go riding all the time but when I do this is me. That…
a woman riding on the back of a horse next to a bale of hay
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Horse quotes ~ people who say horse riding isn't a sport are just intimidated, because in our game, the ball has a mind of it's own.
a black and white photo of a horse with a quote from george h mors
"Good attitude is most important, good talent is second." -George H Morris.
a poster with the words falling off your horse and an image of a man's face
Me everytime I ride. Everyone thinks I'm hurt when I start laughing like crazy
a black and white quote with the words no hour of life was wasted that spent in the saddle
Melinda Folse on Twitter
No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. ~ Winston Churchill #horse #quote
a brown horse running through a dry grass field
Glowing wheat field and horse at sunset. Heavenly view.
a brown horse standing next to an owl
My two favorite creatures in the world. The wise beauty of the owl and quiet power of a horse.