The G-Tone by Sunghoon Mun Montiros Sugar Levels #watches

Diabetic Watches

Good blood sugar levels "Diabetic Watches - The G-Tone watch by Sunghoon Mun is a healthy timepiece that monitors glucose levels. Especially handy for diabetics.

Osteoid 3D Printed Cast

3D-Printed Osteoid Cast Could Speed Up Bone Healing by Nearly 40%...

Plastic Cast Looks Awesome And Uses Ultrasound To Heal Broken Bones Faster Designer Deniz Karasahin has created a prototype for a new kind of cast called ?

The facts about health literacy

The Facts about Health Literacy in the USA. Help spread awareness about healthcare issues facing older adults.

Today Wired Patient Infographic

Today's Wired Patient from Makovsky Health survey shows that, from online search to wearables, technology is changing patient-focused healthcare every step of the way.

Interesante #infografia con datos sobre la #mHealth. #eSalud

Infographic: Is mhealth poised to explode? The emerging field of Mobile Health (mHealth) has enabled consumers to use smartphones to answer their own health-related questions. Here's a look at the impact it's having on our culture and well-being.

The Doctor's Tech Toolbox- tech in healthcare #doctor #healthcare #nursing

The Doctors Tech Toolbox [infographic] ~NHS supply chain & Healthcare Personnel Supplies - high calibre salaried and locum staffing - Doctors, Nurses

About Electronic Health Records (Infographic)

Having access to your electronic medical records (EMR) is important! Sixty-five percent of Americans who don’t have access to their electronic medical records say its important to have.

The State Of 3D Printing Infographic #3DPrinting #3DMakerPlace

The State Of Printing Infographic Maybe something for Printer Chat?

Sensors in Healthcare (infographic)

How Innovations Using Sensors Can Disrupt Healthcare (infographic)sensors make sense in healthcare

One in four doctors selecting an EHR today chooses Practice Fusion, which is reflected by the 49 percent increase in its users since August This