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The Joy of Sharing Books

I love reading. I belong to a book club where the other girls love reading too. We have also become good friends over the years. One of the great joys of belonging to a book club is you get to rave about the books you love, and you get to share these reads with good friends. Combine that with a home cooked dinner, a glass of wine and some interesting conversations, and you will understand why I very rarely miss book club night. It is one of my favourite evenings of the month. In fact, last…

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Bev's Best Books

I started this blog to have a place to post my reviews on the books I read, to write about things - running and healthy eating, and just life in general. I am reading so much, that in order to try to find something you will like, you would need to trawl through my many and varied reviews, in a number of genres. Of course, I could gush over every single thing I read (in fact, members of my book club think I do that far too much) but that seems counter-productive – some have to be better than…

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Ten of the Best #8

Hi everybody. It’s that time of the week where you get your social media fix. And feel connected again to the world as it exists in cyberspace. There was a lot happening this week, not all amusing, some quite serious, but let’s go. 1. Let’s start with Robin Williams – did you know he died a year ago? And that a lot of his movies were from books. This link tells us which. And its also a reminder of the late great man. Click the picture for the link. 2. There was a lot of irritation about…

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is wild, edible and nutritious food. Identify dandelion via its pictures, habitat, height, flowers and leaves.

Faithful as a Dandelion?

It's Sunday. Time to think and be. I was pondering God's faithfulness this morning. The old hymn "Great is Thy Faithfulness" is my all time favourite, and I was listening to, and thinking about the words, and wondering whether to write this post. The story about the hymn isn't really a dramatic one. Thomas Obediah Chisholm was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. He wrote this: "My income has never been large at any time due to impaired health in the earlier years which has followed me until…

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Small things

I love old hymns. The famous ones, and the not-so-well-known ones. I love thinking, as I listen to, or sing them, of the people from ages past, who received strength from the words, who had their hearts lifted, and were able to bow down at the - often very beautifully written - words of adoration and praise to our Saviour. Here's one I only found recently. It's another Fanny Crosby favourite. All the way my Saviour Leads me. And it starts with my favourite poem of hers - "Oh what a happy…

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Morning Bliss

It’s hard, so hard to get out of bed on a Saturday morning. It’s even harder to get dressed – because that rules out the possibility of cl...

The Walking Whines

The Walking Whines

If you’ve been in exile in Siberia with no internet access, and you haven’t read any of my blogs, you won’t know that I spent most of July in bed (mine and a hospital’s) which eventually resulted in abdominal surgery for a pelvic abscess. My running spreadsheet is therefore looking pretty bleak. And yes, of course I have a running spreadsheet – why do you even ask? #Doyouevenknowme? When my husband accompanied me to a doctor’s appointment, I managed to wait until I was lying in the side room…

Do you ever half wake up in the wee hours and hear that soft relentless rain, or the piercing cracks of thunder with the snaky shaky flashe.

Set fire to the rain

Do you ever half wake up in the wee hours and hear that soft relentless rain, or the piercing cracks of thunder with the snaky shaky flashes of lightning that you can see even through closed eyes? Or maybe you can just feel them? Doesn't matter, you know they're there. It makes me smile, snuggle down and think - oh yay, no running in the morning. Only it usually stops, or at least breaks enough for me to still go. Or, I could just get wet...Imagine that. But usually, I don't. Please don't…

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This is my Father's World

Sometimes, when we get caught up in too much thinking, worrying, and anxiety, we need to step away. Get out in to nature, take a deep breath, and listen. Maltbie Davenport Babcock was born in 1858, attended Syracuse University and was a good student, athlete and musician. His first pastorate was in Lockport, and there he took frequent walks along the Niagara Escarpment telling his wife he was "going out to see the Father's world". He would run or hike a couple of miles into the countryside…

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When Morning Gilds the Skies

Good morning. Today, a picture is the inspiration for the music I'm going to share. Although I love old hymns, I hardly go about singing...

In Carl Boberg, a Swedish pastor, was on his way home to Mönsterås from Kronobäck where he had held an afternoon service and got cau. Bird Perch, Make You Smile, Birds, Sweet, Blog, Pastor, Bird

O Store Gud, the story

In 1886, Carl Boberg, a Swedish pastor, was on his way home to Mönsterås from Kronobäck where he had held an afternoon service and got caught in a thunderstorm.When Boberg arrived home, he opened the window and saw the bay of Mönsterås like a mirror before him… From the woods on the other side of the bay, he heard the song of a thrush…the church bells were tolling in the quiet evening. It was this series of sights, sounds, and experiences that inspired the writing of the song - 'O Store Gud'…

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#FeesMustFall and other fairy tales

On a Sunday, I usually publish something a little inspirational. Today, I feel the need to rant. After I sobbed through the footage from universities around the country, I read with interest, an article addressed to white people by a WITS Masters student, wherein s/he admits to being a millennial, and reflects on a Sunday lunch of chicken pie, where the following was observed in the context of student protests: “Talk about cutting your own arm off,” one woman said mid eye-roll... This…

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Take Time

Sunday - time to think, time to slow down, time to connect. But what have you spent your Sunday doing so far? If you're anything like me, it's been pretty like most other days - waking up early and a wild dash to get ready, and do things that haven't been done during the week. The worthwhile things in life don't always cost money. They usually take a major investment of patience, perseverance and persistence. Think about it - the growth of a tree, the development of a child into adulthood…

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Embrace your Storm

Do you see the clouds gathering? Can you smell the rain in the air? I've been thinking about the "storms of life" recently. It seems that wherever I turn, someone is going through a personal battle, a struggle, a difficult situation. Not only is it happening to a great number of people, but the struggles seem more intensive than the usual "My life is a bit yucky, and I have to face my day" stuff. These struggles involve loss, grief, real personal pain and they require internal growth to be…

Fanny Crosby - "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh what a foretaste of glory divine! Heir of salvation, purchase of God, Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood.

Sunday Inspiration

Fanny Crosby was a prolific hymn writer, who lived in the mid 1800s. Not only was she blind from a young age - read more here - but in 1859, a year after she married, she gave birth to a child. The only thing she ever said aloud about that experience was "God gave us a tender babe" and "soon the angels came down and took our infant up to God and His throne." Ten years later, when Howard Doane knocked on her door with a tune, and forty minutes before he needed to catch his train, as she heard…

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When keeping on is not enough

I'm reading a book about anxiety. According to a teacher friend, it's the new ADHD. When I was at school, you were either naughty, popular and borderline failing or you were a nerd, lonely, but got all the academic prizes (because there was only one, maybe two in each grade), these days we need various labels for all the "problems" that parents and teachers face - our children. How sad. But this post isn't about that. I'm still busy writing that one. I need to write my own memes - because…