Urban Zulu Clothing Studio Photoshoots

Urban Zulu Clothing Studio Photoshoots

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Modern Zulu woman in traditional outfit

Modern Zulu girl in Zulu traditional outfit

Zulu Traditional Wedding Dresses

Zulu traditional wedding outfit - with a slightly modern twist on that skirt and bodice

Urban Zulu Clothing Studio Photoshoots (Private/Special Order)

Modern Xhosa Design by Urban Zulu

South African Wedding #genarations

My Zulu wedding attire. I've always wanted to wear isicholo (oh gosh, and now I'm uncertain of it's spelling. smh) on the day I get married.

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‘Generations’ & a Crash Course in (South) African Wedding Culture

couple in beautiful traditional Zulu outfits

Lusanda Kori Ntombobom Designs #Xhosa #ProudlySA #Traditional Ntombobom's photo on Instagram

We also have the Peplum Cape in the traditional mbhaco colours (cream and black). It can be worn with your dress of choice, pants or a skirt for any occasion.

Modern Zulu Bride / South African Bride

Modern Zulu Bride / South African Bride

we would wear more western african attire, in a solid color printed. silver and ble, with colorful beading.

A Zulu traditional wedding, South Africa

World traditional Attires | The groom and bride wearing (green)traditional zulu attire

world traditional marriage couples