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a colorful quilt with many different designs on it
International Quilt Festival 2009: Classes and Shopping
Classes The classes we took were outstanding. I guess you have to be a top-notch teacher to get a gig with the IQF. Thursday morning: Co...
a multicolored quilt is hanging on the wall
February 2014 Show and Tell
Mosaic Flowers, a quilt by Marylee Drake
a blue and white tie - dye pattern with an intricate flower in the center,
a quick mandala dyeing workshop post
Shibori and mandalas
a woman holding up a colorful tie - dyed cloth
a quick mandala dyeing workshop post
karleen's big mandala
a book cover with the title creating a mandala written in black on white paper
#DBTFreebie - Looking for an activity with little preparation and engaging.... check out this Mandala Resource which is a FREE Download on DBT.
Zentangles and Art: #DBTFreebie - Looking for an activity with little ...
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to an inking tool
Something similar with line around bicep above elbow w/ design on back of arm !!
an intricate rock art on the side of a mountain
NATURSCHAUSPIELE | Explora - Live-Reportagen, Filme & Multivisionen
Ivo Moosberger - Great landart in Switzerland