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Can we remake The Princes Bride? With Benedict Cumberbatch as Inigo Montoya, Tom Hiddleston as Westley, and maybe Emilie de Ravin as Princess Buttercup?


Moana - loved it! Made me cry, wish my Samoan grandmother was still alive to teach me more about my heritage


Haha Disney version of Nick Fury! <--- That awkward moment when Marvel is owned by Disney and therefore Nick Fury is the Disney Fury----> Bubbles was the first Disney Fury. Fury is the second Disney Fury since Marvel is Disney's after Lilo & Stitch

Moana Every time this moment makes me bawl like a little baby so thanks for that lol

i cried when she said that. It was dark and i was watching it with two other people, hoping they wouldn't see me crying. but really, everyone should have a wail at that bit.