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an image of cartoon characters with caption that reads, when el jefee dice mas que comparros sons familia ins
Me and my co-workers listening to our boss tell us how valued we are, despite being constantly under staffed, over worked and under paid.... - iFunny
Medical Humour, Work Humour, Nurse Humour, Nurse Jokes, Healthcare Humor, Hospital Humor, Medical Humor, Work Humor
Day shift relieving night shift Night shift relieving day shift GRAB ACACTIS - iFunny
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a fire with the caption when everything is going wrong, but you're used to it now
🤠 Giddy-up !!! 🤠 #yeehaw 🤠
🤠 Giddy-up !!! 🤠 #yeehaw 🤠 Welcome to #GGBMT 🎨 🎨 #humor #motivation #music #musiclovers #musicloversofinstagram
31 Great Memes & Pics ~ Funky Fresh & Funny 4 Job Meme, Job Memes, Workplace Humor, Great Memes, Nursing Memes, Work Memes, Nurse Humor, Work Quotes
31 Great Memes & Pics ~ Funky Fresh & Funny | Team Jimmy Joe
31 Great Memes & Pics ~ Funky Fresh & Funny 4
a man in a car with the caption when it's the end of your shift but the person replacing you is running late
Funniest Service Industry Memes for Waiters and Waitresses Who Are Dangling By A Thread
the text reads, alarm goes off me just sleep 10 more mins me how about 30 more minutes me just skip the class me just drop out
Daffodil | SOPE - Twee
kermit the frog and miss piggy talking to each other with caption that reads me i should sleep it's late i'm in the morning
Dark Kermit Dump
I'm repinning this at 4:08am and on too many nights, Netflix deserves at least some of the blame!
a little boy standing next to a stuffed animal holding a sign that says, when you're at a family event and people start asking you questions
30 MEMES FOR TODAY #26 – FunnyFoto
the kermie frog is standing on top of a scooter
The Time Travelers - 011. On Time
kermik the frog sitting in front of a computer keyboard and monitor with caption that reads, me when you're on wifi connected to me then f ing act like it
32 Pics and Memes Failing at Their Finest
32 Pics and Memes Failing at Their Finest - Funny Gallery
a green frog laying on its back with the caption that reads, i set my alarms extra early to make sure i have enough time to lay in bed and be angry about having to wake up
Hilarious Humor from Outer Space
kermie the frog sitting in a car with his hands on the steering wheel