South African Fudge Recipe

Real Fudge Recipe

Recipe: It is proper fudge, the real deal, melt-in-the-mouth. Save it! my pregnancy down fall when it comes to craving!

South Africa has some delicious curry recipes to offer, here is one.

South African Lamb Curry - skip the sugar and sub olive oil for veggie oil for a Primal dish. Skip the yogurt to make it Paleo and compliant!

South African milk tart

South African Dessert - Milk Tart and Milk Tart Shooter Recipe

Traditional South African Boerewors Rolls

Make a boerewors roll with a twist: add Pronto Mama Original with crispy chips. Great while watching the rugby with an ice-cold beer.

South African Vetkoek aka Fat Cake


South African Vetkoek aka Fat Cake, crispy outside and warm and fluffy inside filled with minced curry

Bredies in South African Recipes

An assortment of bredies (stews), always tastes better when made in an iron pot.

Sago Melkkos (Sago Pudding) Recipe I LOVE this stuff. Busy soaking the Sago and ooo, here we go!

Hier is die melkkos resep Pop, gebruik 1 blik kondensmelk en warm water om 1 liter melk te maak plus liter melk, dit maak die melkkos soetter ;

South African Rusks (Sliced) Best recipe!

Not a cake, not a cookie, but my favourite - South African Rusks (Sliced) Recipe. Great recipe, very forgiving. I bake at for 50 min, then at for 5 hours