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a river running through a city next to tall buildings
Tranquil Arno River at Dusk in Pisa
a person standing on a checkered walkway near the ocean
Sunset Stroll with Dog on Terrazza Mascagni
a long table set up with place settings for an outdoor dinner party in the shade
Elegant Outdoor Dining Under a Canopy
a bench sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean
Swimming in Lake Geneva near Lausanne, Switzerland
a grassy field with buildings in the background
Coastal Town Amidst Windswept Dunes (Helgoland)
a glass table with plates and glasses on it in front of an old stone wall
Rustic Alfresco Dining in Italy
the sun is setting over some hills
Golden Hour Over Rolling Hills
power lines in the middle of a field with trees and blue sky behind them on a sunny day
Power Lines Crossing Rural Landscape
a person standing on top of a dirt road next to a dry grass covered field
Lonely Silhouette on Airfield
a man walking up a trail in the foggy mountains with wildflowers on either side
Hiker on mountain trails in thick clouds
the sky is filled with clouds over some buildings and water in the distance are mountains
Evening cloudscape over Lake Geneva
a white wind turbine against a blue sky
A wind turbine against the blue sky
a path in the woods leading to a house
Sentier de la Foge in Tavel, Switzerland
people are standing on the edge of a high cliff overlooking clouds and blue sky in the distance
Tourists on top of Mount Rochers de Naye
the sky is filled with clouds and water
Evening cloudscape over Lake Geneva