a dozen of these

reading corner nook with window seat and built in bookcase : Decorating Your Reading Corner. decorating a reading corner,decorating ideas reading corner,home reading corners,reading corner decor,reading room decorating ideas

the tv's WAY too small, but a version of this will be in

I would want a larger TV but thats basically what I want my living room to be like. One big sofa bed thing to make everyone comfy and laid back! to go cheaper you could use mattress and make or use bed pillows covered with same fabric as mattress.


Peacock floor tile mosaic bathroom the sink is a little overkill but the rest is glorious!

Northern Lights Tiles appear black at room temp, but move through the color spectrum when the temperature changes.  definitely need this in at least one bathroom

Color Changing Tiles - Turn your shower into a living hotbox, or at least pretend like it by installing these heat sensitive tiles on the walls. Stand in awe the next time you shower as they react to the heat and slowly change colors. for-the-home

there is at least one of these!

I LOVE THIS IDEA! If I build a 2 story house I want this staircase & slide. This fun isn't just for the kids! The one change I would make to it would be less stairs &/or further spaced apart.

another view of the bathroom

Would be great in a guest bath of beach house! Mosaic tile bathroom floor and sink, love

one of these

a hidden stone door.another very cool idea for a secret passage/secret room :)

there will be secret passages.  and lots of books.

As a bibliophile I truly appreciate this idea, BUT, my secret room would not be more bookcases.just sayin. "A bookcase that leads to a hidden room with.wait for it.more bookcases!

a few of these

stashvault: “ Secret bookcase door swings out to reveal secret passage ”

brick.  arches.  wood beam ceiling.  built in bookcase.  yeah.

Hatton Lane Residence - Frederica - Saint Simons Island, GA - traditional - kitchen - other metro - Thomas Thaddeus Truett Architect

definitely one of these

Funny pictures about The secret room under the stairs. Oh, and cool pics about The secret room under the stairs. Also, The secret room under the stairs photos.