25 Pins
a piece of art that looks like a brick wall with words written on the side
an altered photograph of a woman's face and flowers
a person is holding a knife and cutting through the pages of a book with scissors
Prepping the Pages of an Altered Book Journal
an open book with the title how to make a journal from blank cards
How To Make A Journal From Blank Cards
an altered card with dragonflies and flowers on the front, sitting on a table
Romantyczna podróż kochanków....
an altered photo frame with blue flowers and other things in it on top of a table
Winners & Top 3 S is for Sparkle & T is for Texture
an open window on a white background
Яндекс.Почта — бесплатная и надежная электронная почта
an altered photograph of a dream catcher with feathers on it's back and words written in the middle
Καμβάς 80x40cm mixed-media Dreamcatcher
a person holding a pen over a cut out piece of paper
See Thru Window Tutorial
four wooden windows with shutters on each side and one open window in the middle
Janela com floreira | Elo7 Produtos Especiais
an old window decorated with pink flowers on top of a book page in the shape of a frame
Thankful Tidings