Low Carb Cheesy Garlic Bread #LCHF #Banting #Yummy

Fail-Proof Pizza Dough & Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks Recipe by markemilw - Key Ingredient

Low Carb Tiramisu!! #LCHF #Banting #RealFood

Ingredients 2 cups strong plunger espresso coffee, cooled to room temp 3 tablespoons Tia Maria (or another liqueur, but the coffee f.

Ricotta & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts #LowCarb #LCHF #Banting #Dinner

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, parmesan and ricotta, wrapped in bacon 4 chicken fillets 250 g cut spinach 350 g ricotta cheese ¼ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese 16 pieces streaky bacon

Low Carb Cheese & Chive Soufflé #LCHF #Banting #Paleo

Double cheese and chive souffle Triple tested: These cheesy souffles are great when you want to impress friends. And with our 4 easy steps you'll be a pro. Brought to you by Essentials magazine

Egg Muffins #LowCarb

Egg Muffins Instructions: - Pour egg beaters (or beaten eggs) into greased muffin pan - fill way - Add toppings directly into eggs - Bake for for 30 minutes

Chia & Coconut Crackers #LCHF #LowCarb

My food affair with chia seeds continues and I needed a cracker to go with the tomato and chia relish. Go crazy and have a play around with the flavourings when you make this recipe. I used rose.

Low Carb Tandoori Chicken! #Banting #Paleo #LCHF

This low-fat curried chicken is packed full of flavour. It's quick to cook and the marinade does all the work - who needs takeaways? From BBC Good Food magazine.

No-Potato Salad! The low carb side-dish with attitude!

This paleo potato salad by Everyday Paleo's Sarah Fragoso is a potato free version of a classic- perfect for your paleo barbecues!

Low Carb Chili Con Carne #LCHF

Low Carb Chili - The Low Carb Diet Low Carb Chili - easy to make, and perfect for chilly nights or game day parties.