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Jaw-dropping dwelling merged cliffside above the Aegean Sea

Casa Brutale - OPA For the super-rich Bond villains of the world, OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) have produced this concept for a cliffside home straight out of James Bond. Overlooking the.

HowStuffWorks "Jungle Survival: Finding Water" Homemade diy water filter homesteading survival

Homemade Water Filter: "Jungle Survival: Finding Water" - always helpful information as long as you have sand, rocks, charcoal, and a plastic bag.


This may work for stairs on garage-Energy efficient LED stair lights by Trex Deck Lighting. Looks good and serves a great purpose. Led lighting is bright and uses much less energy then the regular lights people are used to.

40 Bizarre and Incredible Building Design – Part 2

The Piano House is located in Huainan City, An Hui Province, China. It contains a transparent violin and a piano building. Inside the violin, there is staircase toward the piano house upstairs.