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Pour ceux qui raffolent des glaces, comme les esquimaux par exemple, ne jetez plus vos bâtonnez ! Vu que tout se recycle, je vous propose aujourd’hui de convertir ces bâtonnets de bois en de jolies petites décorations pour Noël. C’est aussi là l’occasion de faire participer les enfants à la décoration de leur fête préférée,...

An idea for the girls picture ornament frames for 2016 Winter Fun! Make this cut snowman from craft sticks and felt. Use as a picture frame, a gift card frame, or insert a greeting and make it a unique holiday card.

Mistletoes - 99 Crafting

Pinkie for Pink: Kids Christmas Art Projects=Foot Print Tree Use foot print in green Once dry paint on light string and star Once that dries use finger tip to make lights. With doggie foot prints? And our hands?

christmas tree. Use one hand from each child and then one of their feet for the stump!

A "Handy" Christmas Tree: Great project we make with our toddler class each year. Just use one hand from each child and then one of their feet for the stump! Cute classroom decoration for Christmas

Yarn ornaments                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Christmas crafts for kids: yarn ornaments that are easy to make and fun to give and pack a big dose of fine motor practice! - Crafting By Holiday

One triangle for each letter in a child's name. Winter Craft Ideas.  Christmas craft for kids.

Pine Tree Maranges Thompson maybe this could be a name recog. activity with their picture on star/or a bird instead of star/maybe snow on triangle edges? classroom ideas 1 triangle for each letter in child's name

Yoga for Kids + FREE Printables

ABC Yoga for Kids - Not only would this be an awesome way to learn the ABC's, but get some great physical activity while doing so! Introducing the children to a wide variety of things at an early age like yoga is so important.