... Mango cheesecake ...

Mango cheesecake Cheesecake with creem cheese & mascarpone, on base of oat's and dry mango cookies crumble, with slices of alphonso mango, and mango jelly cubes, decorated with alphonso mango pulp and cupcake's shape little mango jellys.

Make ahead, no bake choc tart

No-cook chocolate tart

No-cook chocolate tart (all-butter biscuits is the same as butter cookies) You can make it up to two days ahead. Any leftovers will make a welcome treat with a cup of coffee the next day

Granadilla Fridge Tart ♥ #SouthAfrican

Delicious quick and easy dessert. I prefer to use fresh granadillas. For that extra touch you can add peaches on the side or on top. Make it in a big bowl or cocktail glasses, whatever creative mood strikes you.

Marshmallow Fridge Tart: Mix 1 can condensed milk and half cup (add more for tangy tastes!) lemon juice. Add 1 can pineapple chunks - mix well. Add chopped marshmallows. Beat 1 box of Orley Whip (dairy free cream) very well - mix with rest of mixture. Pack Biscuits at bottom of dish and sides. Pour mixture over - sprinkle crushed biscuits over. In fridge. Delicious! For a tangy taste, add a little more than half a cup of lemon juice.

Marshmallow Fridge Tart

The easiest Fridge Cheesecake recipe ever!  What you will need:  1 packet tennis biscuits (coconut flavoured biscuits) 25ml butter 379ml condensed milk 250g plain cottage cheese 125ml lemon juice  You can also add melted chocolate, chopped fruit and even caramel to the recipe.  How to prepare:  1. Crush the biscuits and add the melted butter. Mix until crumbs form and press in a pudding dish. 2. Mix all the filling ingredients together and pour into the crust. Place in the fridge for 2 to 3…

No bake cheesecake, graham cracker crust. 8 oz cream cheese, cup lemon juice, 1 can sweet condensed milk.


’n Heerlik romerige koek wat volmaak is om gaste mee te beïndruk. As jy wil, kan jy die.

Guava Fridge Tart: Canned Guava halves in syrup (410gr); Chilled Evap. Milk (380gr); Any red Jelly Powder; 1-2 pkts Tennis Biscuits. Separate guavas fr syrup - keep syrup! Mash/cut guavas. Pips can discarded. Add jelly to guava syrup. In micro - high 30-60 secs/til sugar in jelly powder has dissolved. Cool. Beat Evap. Milk til thick/creamy. Add jelly syrup & guava pieces. Mix well. In dish, alternate betw layers of T Biscuits & Evap. Milk mix (2-3 layers). Crushed TBiscuits on top. In…

This Guava Fridge Tart is ridiculously easy to make and tastes delicious! It is a light, yet creamy dessert perfect for a hot summer's day!

5 MINUTE HAWAIIN TERT Die tert neem letterlik net 'n paar minute om voor te berei 1 blik crushed/fyn pynappels 1 boksie vanielje instant poeding mengsel 1 houertjie suur room 1 pakkie tennisbeskuit...

HAWIIAN PIE 1 can crushed pineapples, undrained 1 box instant vanilla pudding mix serving ) 8 oz sour cream 1 graham cracker crust 1 can pineapple slices 8 maraschino cherries cup sweetened flaked, coconut 1 small container of cool whip for piping

Three ingredient cheesecake  1 packet of Tennis biscuits 1 litre of yoghurt in your desired flavor 1 tin of condensed milk Method:  Crush the biscuits and mix with softened butter to create the base. Mix the condensed milk and yoghurt together and microwave for 4 minutes. Pour the mixture on top of the biscuit base and allow to set in the fridge.

Ancoise Strydom Jogurt en kondensmelktert Iemand het die lekker tert geplaas dink Tert met n Twist, maar nie seker by wie ek die resep gesien het nie. 1 liter aarbei joghurt I blikkie blou bessies.

An extremely easy marshmallow and yogurt tart. It is perfect for a tea-time snack or an after-dinner sweet.

A slice of marshmallow pie I'm gonna try this with Key-lime marshmallows & Greek yogurt and a pre-made graham cracker crust.

Hierdie maklike tert is ‘n tipiese voorbeeld van die yskastert-era met alle bestanddele wat uit pakkies, blikkies en botteltjies kom. Dis vinnig om te maak, heerlik soet en vir baie mense die smaak van nostalgie. JOHNNY EN ELSA het die malvatert as vertrekpunt gebruik vir hul vertolking van die keramiekkunstenaar Hennie Meyer se handgemaakte teepotte.

Malvatert Retroresep Nuttige Wenke Saamgestel deur: Elsa Buys en Johnny Hamman Bestanddele 1 pakkie tennisbeskuitjies 125 ml suurlemo.