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Baby sense : understanding your baby's sensory world -- the key to a contented child

Three of the most common concerns you may have in your baby’s first year are revealed in this best selling book

Baby sense is the best-selling baby care book that is based on the principles of sensory integration, and through which the sensory world a baby experiences is revealed to parents.

Sleep Sense is a different approach to sleep, one that works well for you and gently for your baby.

EmphaSIze Newsletter June 2013 is filled with sense-able sleep ideas, apps and articles.

Koester Jou Kleuter

Koester Jou Kleuter

Sinvolle Voeding

Idea's and steps to enable parents to bring their children up eating a wide variety of foods, and avoid being a fussy eater

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Interview with Megan Faure, author of “The Babysense Secret,” about learning how to understand your baby’s moods, creating a baby-centric routine, and how to get your baby to sleep.

Your Sensory Baby reveals the four sensory personalities and how these match with a parents sensory personality.

In this beautiful book, Meg Faure (Occupational Therapist) brings all the wisdom of Baby Sense combined with focused sections on sleep, feed.