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Photographer: Peter Wickham ,ether hides or photo of cattle as part of history.

the poetry of material things

Dinka Man Imitating Horns, South Sudan by Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher - Dinka on photokunst

Some people say "Rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of the month. Here at Cabot, we just say "Moooo." Then we try to touch our noses with our tongues. Try's fun!

Bigwigs are using sheep and cows to gain big tax benefits for themselves at our expense. These loopholes must end. There are plenty of ways in which members of the 1 percent are able to game the tax code to their advantage. But not many involve cows.

I created this stampeding herd of longhorn cattle photo twenty years ago, but the image is still viable and dynamic.

A stampeding herd of dangerous longhorn cattle coming right at the viewer in a cloud of dust and debris.


WISCONSIN Domestic Animal - Dairy Cow - Holsteins, Guernseys and Jerseys are the most proficient dairy cows for their ample milk supply for their calves and humans.