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Some exercises target the inner thigh area and help tone the muscles there. The following are the top 5 supermodel exercises to get that luscious thigh gap.

I can get that too by photoshopping my inner thighs. :) idiots Workout Craze: 5 Supermodel Exercises to Get that Luscious Thigh Gap

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treadmill sprint workout

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Tight inner thighs are usually preferred over loose inner thighs, but when your inner thighs are too tight, adductor stretches provide relief. Flexible inner thighs also improve your hip range of .

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One Month to Toned Thighs --Many women hate their upper legs so much that they don't even try to firm them. Mistake. "Many of your major thigh muscles — your hamstrings and quadriceps as well as your butt — are actually easy to tone," says Evelyn Nunlee, a New York City personal trainer...

Thigh Blasters: One Month to Toned Legs -- Target this trouble spot with these easy moves.