Reason #1 We have our very own Superhero

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: First Black President of South Africa ~ info of artist biography

Cutely South African

on the road into the Namaqua National Park.

Reason #38 We have different races

Where else in the world can you have ostrich racing? Come to South Africa

Reason #10 We’re trained in advanced driving

Reason We’re trained in advanced driving Original (South Africa)

Reason #40 The road to change has a new name

South Africa's street signs, place names lead to more struggle

Reason #20 We have our own siestas

South Africa under black rule has plummeted from the most advanced country on the African continent, just twenty or so years ago, to an increasingly typical Third World tin-pot ramshackle state, su.

Reason #28 We have great comedians

African National Congress Youth Leader (ANCYL) Julius Malema Julius many Juli

Let's pin it before they make @zapiro remove it

The latest cartoon by Zapiro, causing a stir once again

Where the aircrafts go to dop

Where the aircrafts go to dop

"Kak op jou eie gras" (via @WatKykJy)

"Kak op jou eie gras" (via